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  • Virtual Representation: A showcase website is your virtual storefront, providing a 24/7 representation of your brand and attracting potential customers at any time.
  • Creating a Lasting Impression: Eye-catching design instantly communicates the values and identity of your business, creating a positive and memorable first impression.
  • Immediate Connectivity: Build immediate connections with potential customers by presenting your story and products engagingly through a showcase website.
  • Online Visibility: Increase your online visibility and credibility through a digital presence, positioning yourself competitively in the digital era.


  • Global Market Access: An e-commerce site provides immediate and constant access to a global audience, opening new possibilities for international sales.
  • Sales Boost: Online presence stimulates 24/7 sales, expanding your business's reach and enhancing brand visibility to maximize conversion potential.
  • Operational Flexibility: Easily manage inventory, adjust prices, and adapt marketing strategies in real-time with e-commerce, ensuring operational flexibility and quick responses to market trends.
  • Reduced Costs: Save on operational costs such as rent and personnel, as an e-commerce site requires lower investments compared to a physical store, contributing to maximizing overall profitability.


  • Sharing Relevant Content: A blog allows you to share informative and relevant content in your industry, positioning you as an authority and engaging your target audience.
  • Building Relationships: Through regular publication of interesting and engaging articles, you can establish and strengthen relationships with your readers, creating a loyal community.
  • Increased Online Visibility: Blogs contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), increasing your online visibility and generating organic traffic to your site.
  • Brand and Product Promotion: Use the blog to promote your brand, products, or services in a non-invasive way, offering value to readers and encouraging them to explore further what you offer.

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QualityQuantityis my mantra

I am excited to show you my works where I put all my passion, skills, and heart.

Michaela Carrot

Website + Blog + Custom CMS Post Builder

IPhone Frame projects

I developed this fantastic blog for Michaela Carrot, a content creator who loves to travel. I also created an admin application for the blog to manage the newsletter and create posts. The entire project is customized without using third-party software and libraries, allowing her to manage everything quickly and easily.


Website + Admin Panel

IPhone Frame projects

Showcase website designed to best represent the image of Vitium, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Crema that needed a digital presence matching its sublime cuisine. The goal was to create an experience where the customer, upon visiting the website and later the physical restaurant, would feel as though they were in the same place. The website also features an admin panel allowing for independent updates to the restaurant's hours and menu.



Website + Admin Panel + Restricted Area

IPhone Frame projects

A prestigious and elegant company in need of a showcase site that reflects the brand's image on the web. Minimalist design and light but captivating animations are the strengths of the product. The admin panel is developed to make it as fast and simple to use as possible. The website also includes a restricted area where clients with the passcode can download price lists.

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E-commerce for my business

Comic baloon got an idea background 2

Personal landing page

Do you have an idea?

Let's see how to bring it to life together!

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Blog for my experiences

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Re-design of the site

Design it

Let's design your idea!

I will start by creating the prototype of the project shared with you, so at any time, you can try it and give me feedback.
First, I will create the user experience so that the navigation is clear and smooth, then the user interface based on your brand.
The goal in this part of the process is to develop a design that strengthens your brand and makes the product easy to use.

Build it

It's time to develop!

I will turn the idea we designed together into reality.
I will use the latest technologies for development and write all the code myself without using external plugins and third-party software,
which means your product will be fast, scalable, and customized to your needs.

Share it

Check out my new fantastic product!

Congratulations, your product is ready!
Now all that's left is to publish it on the domain of your choice.
Once done, you can share it with the world without limitations because it will work on every device.

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SEO Optimized

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How will it be?

Here are some of the strong points!

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If you are interested in my projects and like my work,
why not talk about your new idea?

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How about this tech accessory paired with your website?

Matteo Peroni Business Card NFC

This is a business card that uses NFC technology. By bringing the card close to the smartphone, the associated web page will open on the phone. The design of the card and the web page are fully customizable.

How it works

A few words about me!

I've always had a creative mind and never stop keeping up with the latest web trends.
For these reasons, I put all my design and development skills to the maximum in every project to create high-quality products.

I have experience in various types of digital products,
and I have a specific workflow that I apply to each project to be as efficient as possible.

Wow! I can even code with pliers!

Hey! Did you know I also have a Blog where I talk extensively about the Web and my personal experiences as a designer and developer?

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My Skills


  • React.js: Its flexibility and component-based approach allow me to create dynamic and responsive interfaces.
  • Typescript: The use of Typescript's static typing increases the solidity of my code, reducing errors and improving project maintainability.
  • TailwindCSS: With its utility-first approach, I can quickly create elegant and cohesive designs, enhancing user experience without compromising performance.

These technologies enable me to create cutting-edge digital experiences, ensuring a perfect mix of functionality, aesthetics, and reliability.


  • Node.js: Its JavaScript-based nature makes Node.js ideal for building scalable and fast applications. I leverage its runtime environment to create efficient and performant servers.
  • MongoDB: I use MongoDB as a database, taking advantage of its document-oriented structure to handle data flexibly. Its scalability and ease of use make it an excellent choice for modern applications.

With Node.js and MongoDB, I can design and implement robust backends, providing solid foundations for scalable and efficient applications.


My focus extends on both fronts, and at the heart of my fullstack approach is Next.js.

  • Next.js: This React framework offers excellent integration between frontend and backend. I leverage its ability to handle server-side rendering and emphasis on performance optimization to create complete and responsive web applications.

With Next.js, I can combine my frontend and backend skills to deliver smooth user experiences and robust web applications.


  • Three.js: This JavaScript library is essential for creating interactive 3D environments and objects. I harness its power to render complex scenes and manage 3D animations and interactions.
  • React-three-fiber: With this React library, I efficiently integrate the features of Three.js into the React world. This allows me to use React development paradigms to create reactive and highly performant 3D applications.

Using Three.js and React-three-fiber, I can create immersive and interactive experiences that combine the power of 3D graphics with the versatility and familiarity of React.

Base Skills

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